34th    Como   Mountain   Man  Rendezvous
August    11-18,    2018
Como,    Colorado

This is the 7th year that we have been hosted by the JBGardneRanch and Amanda Woodbury .  The site is just beautiful with views of the mountains both South and West.  We hope we are lucky enough to continue to use this site for years to come.  This will be the 34th Como Rendezvous.  They have been held in the South Park region of Colorado all previous years.  

Welcome to the Como Mountain Man Rendezvous.  The purpose of this site is to inform you about the Como Mountain Man rendezvous, the place, the time, the people and the good time we have had and are about to have.  Ultimately, it about the people because after all the smoke about shelters, dress, accouterments, tools and other foo foraw, it is the people that make any pre 1840’s mountain man rendezvous worth attending.

This rendezvous is a pre-1840’s fur trade rendezvous re-enactment.  This means that we strive for all aspects of this event to be true to that era in the Rocky Mountains.  This event is held about 6 miles south of the town of Como, Colorado.  Como is located in South Park, an intermontane grassland basin.  South Park is approximately 950 square miles of rolling hills and meadows at approximately 10,000 feet altitude.  This region was a favorite trapping and wintering spot during the fur trade era.

Our site is owned by the JBGardneRanch and is donated to us for this event by Amanda Woodbury.  Without Amanda Woodbury and the JBGardneRanch our rendezvous would not be possible.  We owe a great debt of appreciation to Amanda and the JBGardneRanch!!!!!!!!!!!

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